Math Match Level 1 - Preview 1
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Math Match Level 1

A memory match game that helps to teach number sense. Multiple ways to play matching Base 10 blocks, equations, numerals and number words.


Print matching cards and directions. Trim and glue to construction paper to avoid seeing through the card.
Store in envelope or baggy.

Play in groups of two. Place cards face down and shuffle, and order them in four rows of five.
Player 1 flips two cards. If it's a match s/he keeps the pair and takes another turn. If not, s/he flips the cards back over and the turn moves to the nest player. Continue until all sets have been made. Compare the number of sets collected at the end.

For one player follow steps above and tally the number of cards flipped until all cards have been paired.

Play online. Play the Math Match Flash Game.

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