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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren't the games or interactives working?

A: Games and Interactives on Fuel the Brain require Adobe Flash Player to be installed on your browser. If you have the most currernt flash player plugin installed and your games still do not work make sure you don't have any ad-blocking or spyware programs that may be interfering with the plugin. Please contact us if you continue to have difficulties.

Q: I found a problem with a game... What should I do?

A: We try to test all of our games and interactives thoroughly before posting, however occasional bugs or mistakes will slip by unnoticed. To help enhance the site and help your peers please contact us with any issue you find.

Q: Why is this game taking so long to load?

A: The games and interactives are all different file sizes. Depending on your connection, time of day and file size a game may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Please be patient.

Q: Why can't I log in?

A: Make sure you have the correct username and password entered in the fields. Javascript needs to be enabled to accurately view the site. If you can't remember your password and you registered through our older version of Fuel the Brain please contact us. If you signed up using our registration form and provided a correct email address, click sign in and go to our password reset page.

Q: What are those icons to the left of the page?

A: Those little icons help spread the word about resources you can find at Fuel the Brain. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account simply click the corresponding button to make a post about a resource you found. You can also post us on StumbleUpon or Diggo. Help spread the word about Fuel the Brain!

Q: Do you have permission for use of the resources in your site?

A: All of our games and interactives are created personally by Fuel the Brain. All articles, guides, and printables, unless otherwise stated, have also been created solely for this site. If you find one of our paid resources or games/interactives on another site (not including our widgets) please drop us a line.

Q: How can I submit a resource to be featured on Fuel the Brain?

A: All resources at Fuel the Brain are exclusive to this site. If you have any resources you would like to donate to be listed for free on Fuel the Brain, please contact us. You must possess rights to all artwork and material provided in the submitted resource. Fuel the Brain will host your resource in our collection and give full credit to you or your association.

Q: Is your site safe for kids?

A: Everything posted on Fuel the Brain has been checked and tested to be kid-friendly. No information is collected that will be sold or shared with anyone. All information is solely used for the purposes of tracking scores, favorites and alerting new resources.

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