Measurement Activities

Cross-curricular activities and full lesson plans to support Inchy Picnic and the development of measurement concepts.

Seasonal Activities

Lesson Plans

Introducing Inches

Following many experiences with nonstandard measurement, students are ready to be introduced to formal measurement.

Question: What is an inch?

Show students an inch tile. Tell them that these tiles are one inch across and one inch wide. Demonstrate measuring the tile with a ruler. Have students look around the classroom for objects that are about one inch in size, see One Inch Scavenger Hunt.

When students come back together as a group, pose the question again, what is an inch? Chart student responses.

Follow-up: Conduct another scavenger hunt where students look for objects that are less than one inch and greater than one inch as well, see Less and More Than Scavenger Hunt.


Game: What is 12 inches?

One student is chosen to sit in front of the class. This student is the caller. S/he calls out a measurement and the other players have two minutes (you can change the time to make it easier or more difficult) to find an object that fits the measurement. All the players that have an object that does fit the measurement continue play the next round. You can assign other students to be checkers and they have to verify the measurements along with the caller.

Game: The Measurement is Right

An object is shown by the teacher and the students have to write their estimate (along with the unit) on their whiteboard. The student with the closest estimate wins a point (or the object!).

Game: Name that Unit!

Teacher shows an object and students have to write the measurement unit that would be best to use.


Odd & Even

Students are divided into two groups-even and odd. Odd players are "Os" and Even players are "Xs." To place their mark on the tic tac toe board, players have to find something with an odd or even number of units. They find the object, have the measurement checked, and then record on the board.

See Measurement Tic Tac Toe Board

Inch Art

Have plenty of one inch grid paper available with paper inch tiles already cut out. Students use paper inch tiles to create designs. They glue their design and write questions for other students to answer. How many inches tall is the door of my house? How many inches wide is the window?

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