Making Flashcards Using Microsoft® PowerPoint

A tutorial explaining the basic use of Microsoft® PowerPoint to make printable flashcards.

Seasonal Activities

  1. Open Microsoft® PowerPoint

  2. On the top toolbar, select Format → Slide Layout

  3. From the slide layout menu, choose the Title and Text layout

Screenshot | Flashcard Tutorial

  1. Change font size and type as desired


  1. To add additional flashcards, simply press Ctrl+M or select Insert → New Slide from the top toolbar
  1. Type questions and concepts into the text box.  Once the cards have been printed and cut out, answers can be written on the back of the card for self checking.


  1. Once all flashcards have been created, print as handouts.
  1. Go to File → Print


  1. Change the Print What heading from slides to handouts, using the drop down menu
  1. Leave the default settings for number of slides to print per handout page, and the order (horizontal or vertical) is the user's preference


Organizing Your Flashcards:

    • If you plan to make multiple sets, you may wish to add footers to your cards.

      • Go to View Header and Footer

      • Under the Footer Box, type the description you wish to appear on the slide

      • If you want slide numbers to appear on the flashcard, simply check the box beside slide number

      • When you have finished, click Apply to All