Flu-City Player's Guide

Welcome to Flu-City Influenza is spreading throughout residents as you build and maintain a growing town. Vaccinate your residents, promote healthy habits and learn about how to prevent the spread of influenza.

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Main Controls

Up & Down arrows zoom the map in and out.

Click on a resident to open their actions tab.
Use the actions to heal, promote awareness and prevent the spread of influenza.

Place buildings on the map by selecting an available building under the "Build" tab in the Actions menu. Building require different experience level and open up specific actions and effects.

Use the Left/Right arrow keys to rotate your building before placing it on the map. Once placed you can click on the building to view info and current stats.

Use the "Learn" tab to learn more about prevention of influenza and other health articles. Earn experience, money and add resistance to residents for each article you explore.

Use the "Research" tab to keep your vaccines current. Once built the CDC Office will update them automatically.

Use the "Promote" tab to share Flu-City with others. You can earn extra money for each time you share Flu-City.

Tips & Tricks:

Use preventative measures. Keep your residents healthy by increasing their resistance and catching infections early.

The chances of healing or removing an infection increase with each experience level and higher level buildings.

Spreading awareness costs money up front but each time a resident talks to another resident and spreads a prevention/awareness tip you earn money.

Residents like to walk on pavement or sidewalks. Use them to build paths between buildings.

The more healthy residents each day the more money you earn and the faster the CDC office is constructed.

You can save a different city for each state. Each time you return the influenza activity will update to the current status for that state.